Part of the mystique of Tattoos is the fact that they are permanent. Once inked you need to be happy with the result and the design which is why great tattooist are so popular and of course why mediocre tattooist dont do quite so well.

With the advent of the laser it was soon discovered that they could be used to partially or fully remove tattoos but for many years the laser machines themselves were basic and targeted the skin and the tattoo resulting in heavy scarring.

Todays modern machines zap through the skin and target only the ink so reducing the chance of scarring when handled by an experienced operative. The machines are capable of removing most inks however there are some colours that react very slowly to treatment and this should be considered before starting a course of laser. The general rule of thumb is the lighter the colour of ink the more difficult it is to treat. There are also some inks that contain iron particles which turn jet black when subject to laser and become impossible to remove.

It is for this reason we always give a free consultation before offering laser treatment, we need to find out the history of the tattoo and assess the treatment required for a successful outcome. We will go through the procedure with you and give you a realistic opinion of the amount of sessions required but as the laser works in conjunction with your immune system everybody is different so there are no specific time scales given.